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OnlineExamMaker's smart, secure, professional web-based testing service is an easy-to-use, customizable online test maker for business, training & educational assessment with tests & quizzes graded instantly saving you hours of paperwork!

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Comprehensive range of statistics for each Exam, Group, User and Question, including exam scores, exam completion time and the most did wrong & right questions

Unlimited Takens

We provide you unlimited exam takens, you can share your friends freely, not worry the taken times. Also you can publish the exam to your blog or website, to exam your follows, and you can get all the statistics at the dashboard

Across all platforms

We have designed for support all the available devices, such as all the mobiles, tablet, and PC. The unified user experience make all platform behavior same.

Comprehensive Customize

You can freely custom your exams, like brand logo, theme, limit exam time, pass scores and etc. We have provide you more than 30 options for you to fulfill your business or education.

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The Free smart online examination system, which suitable for different need, scenarios.

The online exam system is designed for every kind of school and training institutions, includes self exercises, the unified examinations, carried out quizzes, homework or holiday works; includes automatic grading, students manage, and taken data analysis. It is suitable for internal entry review exams, staff appraisal, internal training examinations of government agencies and enterprises. OnlineExamMaker is free and needs no installation, no maintenance online examination system.

  • I am a teacher

  • Arranged homework, holiday work, the exercises; organizational knowledge contest, arrange chapter exercises; quizzes; weekly quiz; exam; mid-term final exams and so on.
  • I am a HR manager

  • Organize recruitment written examination, entry test, the monthly assessment, performance appraisal and other staff appraisal work; carry out internal staff training and examinations, clerk exam, operatives examinations.
  • I am a training Office

  • Internal training and examination unit clerk, customer service, technical personnel; various doctors qualifications, accounting qualifications, IT Training, civil service exam training exercises, assignments and examinations.
  • I am a student

  • Online self-test exercises, mock examinations, the teacher arranged to complete the electronic work; participation in your teacher / Training Officer / HR managers organize all types of exercise or examination.

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OnlineExamMaker has been a great tool for training hundreds of employees of our company. It has allowed us to provide over 13,500 sessions so far. Our learners take the training as per their convenience, from anywhere they can access the internet

Juntian LEE   University professor

OnlineExamMaker is an effective, highly functional, user friendly and convenient way to conduct almost every exams you can imagine. I highly recommend it as a tool for quizzes and tests. I found it ideal for the classroom, in both on-ground and online learning environments.

Mark Adraison   Math teacher

I have to say I'm quite impressed. OnlineExamMaker is a winner for quizzes. I've just added it to my page on Best Ways To Create Online Tests. My students can take the quizzes at home with iPad, so convenient.

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