Frequently Asked Questions

What cheat prevention does OnlineExamMaker offer?

To prevent cheating you can easily:

  • Randomize test question ordering
  • Randomize answer ordering
  • Have questions randomly selected from your Question bank each time a test is started
  • Disable printing options
Why am I not receiving emails from OnlineExamMaker?

Please check your spam/junk folder, then check with your email/IT administrator check if they have blocked emails from the domain OnlineExamMaker.com. In most cases adding classmarker.com to a 'trusted' list can resolve the problem.

Note: If your organization has a policy of blocking some external emails, you can register and verify a different email address (for example Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc). To do this go to My account and click on My Details 'View and edit my details'. Make sure you verify the new email address in order to receive emails from OnlineExamMaker.

How do I change my account (administrator) password?
  1. Go to My account, click the right menu item, find the profile item, click it
  2. Edit password as required.
  3. Save edits.
Can I save test results and review at any time?

Yes, OnlineExamMaker will save test results for you to review and export. Simply go the Exams section to view and export results as required.

How do I give access to my tests?

You have multiple options to Assign (distribute) your test(s):

Groups (Test Registered users)

Once you've created a Group you can register users to it. Registered users will log in via the OnlineExamMaker.com website where they can access the tests you have assigned to their group.

Links (Test Non-registered users)

Create a direct link for each of your tests to send out via email or embed in your website. Public and private options are available.

Please review the 'Assign' section of FAQ/Help for more information.

Can I brand my tests?

Yes, you can add your own logos and colors to your tests and remove OnlineExamMaker branding.


You can also embed your tests directly into your own website.


Use Themes to apply organization branding to your test pages. Upload a logo then select appropriate colors (all OnlineExamMaker branding will be removed). 

What is OnlineExamMaker

OnlineExamMaker is a professional, easy-to-use online testing system, that allows you to create your own tests, in minutes. 


Whether you're testing 5 or 5000 users, OnlineExamMakerwill save you those long, painful hours of creating, distributing and grading tests.


You'll never need to re-enter questions or tests, and results are calculated instantly and accurately. 


Step 1: Create your tests

Step 2: Assign your tests using public or private options

Step 3: Analyze results


It's that easy. 


From creating a controlled 'user login' environment, to adding tests directly to your website, OnlineExamMakerhas all your bases covered.


And because OnlineExamMakeris online, there's no software installations for you or your users, so tests can be taken instantly, 24/7.


Be confident knowing the tests you create, will have the professional look you require.


Register free today, and enjoy the future of online testing with OnlineExamMaker.


To learn more about OnlineExamMaker you can watch our videos: How to assign a test.