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No credit card required 5,000+ users sign up monthly Secure & high-performance servers
No credit card required
5,000+ users sign up monthly
Secure & high-performance servers
  • Access your exams on any device, anywhere anytime
  • AI-Powered prevent cheating technology
  • Bulk import questions, candidates from your device
  • Remote poctor with video recording via webcams
  • Online LMS - conduct testing & learning at one place
  • Automate grading & insightful reports
  • On-Premise - self hosted & 100% data ownership

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All-in-one Platform for All Quiz Types

Why Choose OnlineExamMaker?

online exam maker

Everything You Need to Assess Students or Employees

Powerful easy-to-use web-based software tool to create exam & tests for education, training, requirement and assessment.

  • Question Bank: Easily create multi types of questions (multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true/false, etc) from scrach or bulk import questions directly.
  • Canditates managements: Add and import candidates, group similar exam takers, and assign a exam to a particular group.
  • Certification: Give exam takers certifications which contain their name, date, and score.
  • Add rich media: Enrich your qustion with video, audio that will engage candidates.
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online exam maker

Auto Grading & Reporting - Save Time & Effors

With Online Exam Maker, exams are automatically graded with the results instantly available to students, so that teachers don’t have to spend hours in grading. You can also give instant feedback based on the answers to make the assessment systems more engaging. Track individual learner performance in auto-generated reports. View details such as the total time taken to complete the quiz, the total number of attempts made, previous scores, and more.

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AI Prevent Cheating

AI Based Prevent Cheating Technology

  • Live ID Verification: Proctor compares the test taker's the photo of identity card to the captured image in real-time. Only the candidates who have been approved and verified by the proctor are allowed to attempt the test.
  • Secure Exam Browser: prevent canditates open new broswer or tab, search question answer in search engine.
  • Live Monitoring: Monitor and recording what students are doing durning the exam, capture suspicious cheating actions automatically.
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AI Prevent Cheating
Sell Exams & Courses

Monenized Your Konwledge - Sell Exams & Courses Online

Easily sell your exams, quizes, and courses. Just complete the payment setting in your OnlineExamMaker dashboard and start selling immediately. Add exams to your profile page, embed them on your website, send them via email or social media, or invite learners to access your online courses. OnlineExamMaker provides everything you need to monenized knowledge online.

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Share and Quiz Anywhere

Share and Quiz Anywhere, Anytime

  • Mobile devices: Create online exams that are easily accessible from laptops, mobiles, and tablets with our educational assessment software.
  • Website Embed: Embed Tests in your website or blog with a couple of clicks.
  • Social Platforms: Connect your exams with the audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit & more.
  • Private link: Share private links of exams with selected exam takers and groups.
  • Email & Message: Invite candidates to regist and take exams via newsletter or SMS.
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Share and Quiz Anywhere

Stability - Built for Large Scrale Examilations

Built in APACHE + MYSQL + GO, OnlineExamMaker's tiny & flexible technolgy stucture ensure the software is simple to extend with high security and B/S mode.

With our highly concurrent assessment software, exam administrators are able to deliver tens of thousands of assessments simultaneously.It's the perfect solution for large scrale schools, universities, or furtune 500 companies.

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Online LMS - Combine Learning & Assements at One Place

Build your own quizzes, tests, assignments, and surveys to evaluate your learners and your learning material. Create custom certificates to acknowledge the training your teams have done.

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LAN Exam Software - 100% Data Ownership

Beside the SAAS version online quiz software, we provide LAN exam solution for customers as well. Just download the software and install, you wil have a self host exam system in minutetes. With our Lan exam system, you can install the software on your own device and have 100% control of the tool. Host you teaching material, student and emplyee on your own devices.

Be in full control with data ownership, you get the power to protect your exam takers' privacy. You know where your data is stored and what’s happening to it, without externalinfluence

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Online Exam Maker VS LAN Exam Maker

You can choose online version or lan version according to you needs.

Pros of Online Version
  • LOGOSave the cost of hardware
  • LOGOQuickly to enjoy new functions
  • LOGOInformation Security Guarantee
  • LOGOSupport to pay monthly or yearly

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Pros of LAN Version
  • 优考试LOGONo need for R&D Team, just download and install
  • 优考试LOGOCan be accessed via LAN and Internet
  • 优考试LOGOstandalone server, high stability
  • 优考试LOGOlump-sum payment, free upgrade for lifelong

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