OnlineExamMaker is a easy use but full featured powerful online examination system, save your 70% time.

By carefully research, seriously study, boldly implement, we have provide you with a systematic examination Solutions, which benefit you:

  • Reduce works

  • The powerful functions, the easy use feature, helps you reduce you workloads, make you have more time to enjoy life.
  • Suport Mobile devices

  • With the ability of HTML5, you can do the exams on variety of devices, such as desktop, tablet, mobile phones, Android, iPad, etc.
  • No Security Worry

  • All data were stored in cloud, and were protected by our skilled technical staff, so you have no need to worry about the data security, just focus on works
The data statistics and data analysis is the most import benifits our solution offers for you.

Data statistics and data analysis is the most important feature of our exams solution, with this feature, you can complete the works beyond imagination, data analysis gives you the information behinds the huge data, and helps you make decisions more specific

  • Understanding teaching situation

  • By statistics, we helps you understanding the exams score, like the score distribution can indicates you the whole teaching situation, whether the students understands the knowledge or not and much more.
  • Help make teach decisions

  • After understand the teach situation, and then analytics the data, we can helps you make teach decisions. for example, by viewing the score distribution, you may know how many students understands the knowledge, and know whether the knowledge point is hard to learn or not, so you can adjust you time to help them
  • Help One to One Tuition

  • By compare the the historical score with the current, you can find whether the students is trying study hard or not; by analysis the wrong questions list, you can find out whether he or she have understand the knowledge point or not, and try to help him or her.

How it works?

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  • Make tests, exams & quizzes
  • Over 4 types of quiz questions
  • Add videos, images & media
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Analyze Results

  • Quiz stats & reports
  • Instant grading
  • Download results
  • Track quiz takers
  • Issue certificates
From now on, let exam more easily, pleasant, more purposeful now

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