Powerful One-Stop Exam Platform

User-friendly & easy-to-use online exam system that will save your time, efforts, and money.

effective exam system

Create an engaging exam in four steps


Information of Online Exam

Fill in the title, description, and sharing words, and choose a beautiful cover for your exam.


Add Questions

Flexible way to build your test: fixed or random types of exam paper;
Bulk import questions from a Word or Excel file, or create questions from scratch.


Parameter Settings

Hundreds of settings, such as time and permission limit, anti-cheating, or result page settings, suitable for various exams.


Publish & Share

Send the link or QR code to candidates;
Enable candidates to take exams on PC, tablet, or mobile phone.


Insightful reports for instructors & candidates

Support to send exam reports to candidates via SMS messages or emails.

View exam-taken records, candidates’ information, and data of candidates who have taken or missed the exam.

Independent dashboard that enables students to check their exam-taking record and wrong question collection.

Intelligent Marking

Automatic marking for objective questions; marking according to keywords or manual marking for subjective questions.

Error correction function, no need to fear the wrong judgment due to the wrong suggested answers.

Displays answer analysis, current rankings, exam reports, etc. after a candidate submits the exam.

Statistic Analysis

Generate accurate test reports and enable teachers to export reports after the test.

Statistical analysis by test paper, by group, by student.

Statistical analysis according to question types or the right and wrong questions; Screen out the difficulties of the questions, and help teachers to carry out targeted teaching strategy.

Secure, intelligent & cost-efficive

Support more than 10,000 students to take exam simultaneously; continue to test after power-off.

Strict permission management, data backup, etc., to ensure data security.

Support personalized settings or custom features to meet your diverse needs.