Online Exam Platform for Schools

Secure and intelligent exam platform with powerful online LMS for teachers & students.

The Requirements of Teachers

Manage exams, students, courses, teachers, and courseware in one place

Spent a lot of time in handing exams, mock exams, and regular practices

Test a large number of students at the same time

Manage many types of questions and multiple scientific

Convenient to create exams with a one-stop solution before and after test

Need effective anti-cheating tools to ensure the fairness of test


SSO login integration & student management


Login integration

Connecting with the student management system, supports LDAP authentication, Data Synchronization, and SSO.

Send back the exam list, grade, answer sheet, courses and etc to your school's system.


Student management

Batch import students and photo.

Support classified management by grades or classes.

Set sub-administrators to help the super administrator.

Students can do exercises or view their exam-taking records and wrong question collection on their dashboard.

High concurrency

Our online exam maker supports over 1,000 students taking exams simultaneously.

Schools or enterprises can choose our LAN exam system (on-premise version), which can be accessed via LAN and the internet with higher data security.

Powerful system with multiple test modes

Flexible to creating exams such as forming exams by selecting questions randomly or with fixed questions.

Support batch import question with a formula, pictures, audio, and videos.

Support many question types such as Multiple Choices, True or False, Fill in Blank, Essay Questions, and Comprehension Questions.

Exam schedule and flexible exam settings

Set the name, category, time, mode, and restrictions of your exam.

Support examinations management, students management and exam appointing management.

Meet the multi-campus scheduling arrangement and achieve remote online test and centralized online test.

Support anti-cheating function such as video surveillance and face recognition.

View the condition of plans and supervise the implementation of the plan.

Intelligent marking and statistical analysis


Automatic marking and artificial marking

Support to get proportional score if missing selection for multiple-choice, auto marking according to each blank for Fill in Blank.


Statistical Analysis and testing report

Generate accurate test reports and transcripts supporting to export after the test.

Statistical analysis according to question types or the right and wrong questions; Screen out the difficulties of the questions, and facilitate teachers to carry out targeted teaching.

Effective ways for anti-cheating

Powerful Face Recognition to prevent surrogate exam-taker.

Open the surveillance camera, and capture the test-taking process (only on the PC side).

Limit the times of switching screens to prevent switching the screen to search for answers.

Create random exam or make the questions out of order.

Make the test forcibly occupy the whole screen so that candidates couldn’t switch the screen.

Limit the time of the whole test or per question.

One account only can be logged on one device at the same time.