Best Testing & Training System for Enterprises

A mobile-first platform designed for interactive enterprise training and employee assessments.

The Pain Points of Employee Training

Difficult to organize a large quantity of employees and multiple departments

Without defined ways to measure the impact and effectiveness of training

Can't provide interactive and personalized learning experiences

It's challenging for employees to complete required training

Hard to build up long-term management mechanism for staffs

A lack of feedback after completing training


Learn & assess on any place, anytime

Create online training courses and exams for a large number of staffs.

Support to learn on the PC side or mobile phone side at all times and places.

Improve work efficiency

Batch import, random test, intelligent scoring, intelligent analysis, and other functions have alleviated the heavy workload of the training department in many aspects.

Achieve training goal with lower cost

The system combines online courses with exams to make training more significant.

Statistical analysis of training results to master the progress of employee training.

No need to print paper, and arrange locations, saving the cost of offline training.

Exam points game and points rankings, motivating employees to complete the training.

E-learning - easy organization

Organize courses and exams on-demand as needed, and create online training in minutes, suitable for long-term corporate training.

Make it easy and simple to organize learners and training materials, and manage hundreds of employees and tons of courses with ease.