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Create & customize assessment to measure knowledge, skill, and personality.

  • User-friendly Interface & Simple-to-use
  • Multiple Interactive Question Types
  • Go mobile: test candidates on tablets, smart phones
  • Create personalized quiz certification for candidates
  • Remote invigilation & anti-cheating functions
  • Save time: Automatic scoring & grading
  • Lower your testing & training costs
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How to create an online assessment?

Easy to create Easy to assess Easy to analyze

Step 1: Create and add questions from scratch or import them in bulk.

Step 2: Set the date, time, login option, anti-cheating measures, etc.

Step 3: Easily share with the candidates in emails, messages, or website.

Step 4: Get a delightful report to measure candidates' performance.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

Easy to Create Assessment

  • With our common-sense process, intuitive navigation, and user-friendly interface, you can create the assessment without difficulty.

  • We support 10 question formate options, including multiple choice, true or false, essay, etc. You can choose to manually add questions from scratch or import questions in bulk by uploading excel files or word files in a specific format.

  • In addition, our question bank enables you to create & name the category and store your questions in these categories. It is a convenient way for you to select or random questions from the question bank in your next assessment.

  • If you want to make your assessment more fun and engage more candidates, you can add images, videos, or audio to the questions. It is also an ideal way to help the candidates understand questions better.

Abundant Assessment Options

  • Our online assessment software is equipped with the functionality that you need to create a high-quality and personalized assessment.

  • For example, you can set the time limits of the whole assessment or each question, as well as the late time that candidates need to take the assessment within this time, otherwise they will lose their assessment qualification.

  • The advanced configuration options are also available to style your assessment and decorate it with your brand, such as adding a watermark and personalizing the theme, color, or image of the assessment page and welcome page.

  • To create a professional and fair assessment, our software enables you to limit the times of switching the exam or interruption times, lock down the browser, use face ID verification, set webcam monitoring to prevent cheating.

Share and Access Anytime & Anywhere

  • Assessment created with our advanced online software can be shared and accessed anytime & anywhere, suitable for corporate organizations, education examinations, or government to assess knowledge easily and efficiently.

  • You can distribute the assessment to the candidates by publicly sharing a link or QR code on your social media, sending the email to a specific group of candidates in bulk, or embedding a code into your website. If you want to authenticate candidates and make the assessment more rigorous, you can also set a license code that the students have to enter before taking the assessment.

  • Our responsive assessment interface enables the candidates to take the assessment online on any device, no matter mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Auto-score Results & Insightful Reports

  • Our advanced intelligent software can automatically score and generate detailed data reports, allowing you to easily and clearly track the performance and progress of your candidates.

  • The scores of objective questions can be automatically calculated according to the points you pre-assign when creating the questions. As for the subjective question like essay, you can choose to grade the assessment manually or auto-grade based on the keywords you set.

  • Moreover, you can get insightful real-time reports on all aspects of the assessment, such as assessment taken times, pass rate, the number of answered questions, and so on. You can also view the graphs and charts to get an intuitive analysis. The detailed reports can be freely downloaded, exported, and shared.

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Why choose our online assessment software?

Ensure the Data Security

Our Advanced SSL Certificate ensures the data of the assessment and candidates are encrypted and 100% private.

Minimize Cheating Possibility

You are available to randomize questions or shuffle answer options to prevent cheating efficiently.

Customizable certificate

You can customize the content and style for the certificate to motivate the candidates and highlight your brand.

Instant Feedback

You can customize the feedback with answers explaining and motivating content to improve the candidate's interactive experience.

Question Bank

Our multi-functional question bank enables you to create, upload, edit, and store questions for your assessment.

Work in Teams

The administrator can set sub-administrators to grade and analyze the assessment together and share out the work.

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