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  • Share your test via email, social, SMS
  • Multiple language interface for global users
  • Web-Based: No installation required
  • Intelligent anti-cheating system
  • LMS Software: manage testing & learning in one place
  • Delightful reports & analysis
  • Teamwork: create sub admins to work together
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How to create an online test?

Easy to create Easy to distribute Easy to assess

Step 1: Create a new test, add questions from scratch or import in bulk..

Step 2: Configure test settings, set the time limits, login option, etc. of your test.

Step 3: Personalized your test with logo or other brand elements.

Step 4: Save settings, easily share the test on social media or specific candidate group.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

Create Questions with Ease

  • In a few clicks, you can create an online test with 10 question types for you to choose from, including Multiple Choice, Ture or False, Fill in the Blank, and so on.

  • You can add questions from scratch and store them in our question bank so that you can batch import questions directly from the question bank to the test next time. The questions can be personalized with images, videos, or audio and make the test more interactive and interesting.

  • We also provide a specific format of excel or word document for you to edit the questions and import them to the question bank in bulk.

  • In addition, the score, correct answer, and feedback of each question in this session can also be customized. Instant feedback will encourage the students and deliver an engaging test experience.

Advanced Test Settings

  • The start & end date, time limits for each question, answer rules, test description, etc. can be freely set as you like. If you want to collect information of the candidates, you can choose the personal data (name, phone, ID number, etc.) required from candidates to proceed.

  • Online Exam Maker enables you to randomize the questions, limit the times of switching the exam or interruption times, lock down the browser, use face ID verification, and set webcam monitoring to minimize the cheating possibility.

  • The advanced configuration options are also available to style your assessment and decorate it with your brand, such as adding a watermark and personalizing the theme, color, or image of the assessment page and welcome page. You can personalize the certificate with candidates' information, brand logo, or design to certify and encourage your candidates. It will be automatically assigned to test takers based on the score or grade you set.

Share the Test in Minutes

  • After you launch the test, Online Exam Maker will provide you with a simple URL or QR code for you to share with the candidates.

  • You can share the link to social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so the candidates can access the test by clicking your link. It is a great way to spread the word about your test.

  • We also provide a code for you to embed on your website or blog. The code will be linked to your website to access the test so that the candidates can take the test on your website.

  • If you want to share the test privately, you can notify the candidates by sending messages or emails to a specific group. We have prepared an email/message template for your reference and you can edit the content or format freely.

Auto-Grade and Detailed report

  • Our AI-based test maker software will help you calculate the score or grade automatically and override grading when necessary, which will save your time efficiently. The score or rank result can be selected to be displayed on the result page or not.

  • In addition, you can get real-time detailed reports & analysis on all aspects of the test and candidates' performance, such as the number of candidates and questions answered correctly, pass rate, the average score, difficulty level of the test, and so on.

  • The report can be downloaded as an Excel document for free and shared with your team members or candidates, which is helpful for your in-depth analysis.

Education & Business Test Maker

  • Our test maker software is intelligent and affordable enough to suit multiple industries and provides a one-stop test maker service for their educational or business needs.

  • For example, educational institutions can create an online test to check the knowledge and application ability of the students. Anti-cheating and auto-grade functions will be of great help to their work.

  • The enterprise can also use our test maker software for training, recruitment, or ability assessment. Our Advanced SSL Certificate (HTTPS) ensures your data which is in transit between server and browser is 100% private and secure. It is an ideal way to promote your brand by customizing the test with your brand elements.

Use As:

Why choose our test maker software?

Responsive Test Interface

Our responsive interface enables candidates to access the test by mobile, tablet, or computer.

Custom Branding

You can customize the test by adding your brand name, logo, color, slogan, or watermark.

Bulk Import Candidates

The candidates can be batch imported from computers to specific groups using the import excel feature.

Welcome Page

The content of the welcome page can be freely customize and add brand elements to make it look more professional.

Test Privacy

Your test can only be accessed by people who enter the license code if you want to grant content access to specific people only.

Team Collaboration

Add sub-admin accounts to create the test, manage candidates, grade the test, and analyze test statistics together.

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