Fill in The Blank Questions

Fill in The Blank Questions: How to Give Scores Separately for Each Blank?

When creating exams in Online Exam Maker, if the full in blank question contains more than 1 blank, then administrators can set a rule that as long as the students submit the right answer to each blank, then they can get the according score separately.

Step 1: Find out the Fill in the blank question in your Question List. And then either clicking the question title or clicking on "View details" button can open a short view for the question information.


Step 2: Click the "Edit question" button on the left.


Step 3: In this setting page:

  1. You can add new blank for the answer sheet.
  2. You can reset the score for each blank. Remember to select the second option. After selecting this option, students can separately get the score for each blank.


Notes: If you have applied the Batch Import Mode, then you just need to download the Batch Import Program and follow its instructions.