Instructions of The System Settings

The settings include "company settings", "API & SSO settings", "Stripe payment settings", and "Other settings." In system settings, users can add company LOGO and name to create their own brand and make the promotion conversion rate higher.


Company Settings

Note: This feature is only available for Essential users or above.

In the company settings interface, users can add their own company’s Logo, name and website address.

At the same time, users are supported to choose different display methods, and they can choose "Display Both Company Name and LOGO", "Only Display Company LOGO", and "Only Display Company Name".


(Note: The size of the picture cannot be larger than 2M; supports jpg, jpeg, png format; the applicable logo size is: 256×42)

The effect is shown in the figure. When the company logo and name are added, "Display Both Company Name and LOGO" is selected.


API & SSO Settings

If you would like to know more about Open "API & SSO Settings", please read: Help Documentation

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Other Settings

Users can set the system time to the time in their own region by setting the time zone.


Stripe payment settings

If you want to sell exams on OnlineExamMaker, you need to configure "Stripe payment settings" to connect our system with Stripe payment gateway.


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