What Is A Quiz Attempt? How Do You Calculate Total Quiz Attempts?

What is a quiz attempt?

An attempt is counted as soon as one student clicks "Enter the Test" on the first page of each quiz. The student will then be able to access the quiz questions and will see a detailed results page once submitted.

How does OnlineExamMaker calculate total quiz attempts?

Each time a student accesses the quiz, the system will count once. In the quiz settings, quiz organizers can allow a student to take the quiz multiple times. However, even for the same quiz taker, if someone click the "Enter the Test" button to take the quiz for more one times, the incomplete and retake attempts will be counted as well. The system will sum the attempts of all the exams in your account, and the total number is the total quiz attempts.

What are the quiz attempt limit and total quiz attempt limit of each plan per month?