System Architecture of LAN Exam Maker

The LAN Exam Maker adopts the B/S architecture, which is divided into Examination Side and Admin Side. The Examination Side uses Golang for high concurrency, and the Admin Side uses Apache + PHP 7.

The specific structure is as follows:


Advantage for the Architecture

  • Support high concurrency

The adoption of Golang enables our system to support high concurrency and more flexible load balance. No matter how many people enter the test simultaneously, it can run stably and efficiently.

  • More powerful function

Using PHP can enable us to develop management functions more quickly

  • More stable

The admin side is separated from the exam, so that candidates can take the test normally even if there are problems in the admin.

Open Port

The LAN Version only opens one port: 5858. If you want to change to Port 80, please contact our customer service.