What is Machine ID?

What is Machine ID?

A Machine ID consists of 32 numbers or letters, and there is only one machine ID in one computer. Our software’s registration system relies on this machine ID to distinguish between different computers.

Generally, a unique registration code is generated according to the machine ID provided by the user, so that the software can work normally.

That is to say, if one buy our product, he or she must provide us with his or her machine ID before we send the license code to register.

So, how do users get their own Machine ID?

Firstly, download the Smlme LAN Exam Maker;

Secondly, open the software and click the registration page;

Finally, you can see your Machine ID clearly.

As the following picture shows:


Then, copy your Machine ID and use it to generator license code!

For more helpful information, please click the link :

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